Pino Daeni
Book illustrator, Pino’s painting
Pino Daeni was born in Bari, Italy on November 8, 1939 and died on May 25, 2010. He was known for his style of feminine, romantic women and strong men painted with loose but accurate brushwork. He was an Italian Impressionist book illustrator and artist, who was even considered as one of the highest paid book illustrator of his time and he created over 3000 book coers, movie posters and magazine illustrations.
Pino was mostly a self-taught artist, although he enrolled at the Art Institude of Bari and then went on to Milan’s Academy of Brera in 1960, where he honed his craft for painting from the live nude, studied in body structure and further refined his painting technique. His talents were firstly recognized by his first grade teacher,  who advised his father to encourage his son’s artistic precociousness, however, his father remained skeptical of his son’s future as an artist. After graduating, he became a succeful commercial artist. He worked in a quite strong desire to demonstrate his own thoughts and feelings. His works throughout the United States and were deeply appreciated by collectors around the world.
From 1960 to 1979, Pino’s painting gamered several prizes and awards, he was even commissionedd by two of Italy’s largest publishers for numerous book illustrations. Pino experienced the art scene which led him feel restricted in Milan after a isit to Manhattan in 1971. Until 1978, he moed to New York and believed the artistic freedom would allowhim greater opportunities. He also held several shows in New York and Massachusetts under the sponsorship of the Borghi Gallery. In 1992, when he felt the strain of tight deadlines, he eagered to leave illustraion behind to return to his impressionist roots. After he contacted one of the major galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona ans sent five paintings, Pino’s paintings were well received and appeared in everywhere, even appearanced in major TV networks. Despite Pino’s initial reluctance, his son began representing his artist father in 2001, and he successfully grew his efforts into a profitable marketing company, helping his father expand bryand his normal gallery representation to include magazines and books.
Pino’s paintings were focus on shaping a warmth, nostalgia, love and family. His works often framing the sun movement of Eastern Mediteranean beaches, where he grew up a typical image. Pino also had an outstanding talent on capturing creative object’s erbs and expressions and own many followers and orders of private portrait around the world. It might easily be found that his characters in his paintings often appear in the bedroom or dressing room with rich beauty, it was because Pino was growing up surrounded by beauties, including his sisters, aunts and cousins.
As a book illuatrator, by the end of his career, Pino had designed about 3000 book covers, his work continued to appear in art galleries all over the world, and his micro jet prints sell into the thousands of dollars. Most of Pino’s masterpieces are displayed online are waiting for you, our expert artists have been copying old master artworks for many years and all reproductions are 100% handmade. Whichever Pino’s painting you want, our artist will begin the work once receive your order.